Born 1994 in Hong Kong.

Graduated 2016 from Communication Design, School of Design, PolyU Hong Kong.



Video Cypher Special Event: vCloud 發佈會 Introducing vCloud

Cypher Vol. 10: 移民 Migration 自我回應展 A Self-Return Show


 Art and Culture Outreach|艺鵠 x Video Cypher :《甭甭矛話咩時間咩時間》

Tutorial @ Bsmnt Gallery
I'd love to hear the particulars of how your dreams were squashed @ 576 Gallery

Bit Street Hong Kong @ The New Art Fest x Videotage
Underground Flower x
prsntprsnt: Cellophane Mother Memory

VJ @ Lockdown Mashup 1 (by Eaton HK)

Pilgrimage 朝覲@ prsntprsnt

TEK KWUN  踢館 @ prsntprsnt

I am the sea, you're just a sea monkey. @ prsntprsnt

Personal Property 私人嘢 @ prsntprsnt

Quarantine Residencies 火炭駿洋邨藝術家駐留項目 2020 @ prsntprsnt


New Babylon @ prsntprsnt

VJ @Absurd - the Ǝnd of 2019 (by Absurd Creation)

Play. Boredom. Worship. @ Tomorrow Maybe

Time poster exhibition (by dotdotdot studio) @ openground HK

Cypher Vol. 7: Neo-fetishism (by Video Cypher)

Those sparkles we see: Anna Chim's Retrospective @ Negative Space HK

VJ @BSN5 Party: Nicam Camp Night (by Videotage)


VJ @ KelvinT - "Unlock Voice" Release Party @ Twenty Alpha HK

VJ @ Translucent Space, Chan Ting & Rose Li Joint Exhibition @ Hui Gallery, CUHK

VJ @Absurd TRAX Pres. 上—港 @ Club All, Shanghai

Cheapdoy 美勞展

.gif Festival Left Right Right Left Movement (by Videotage) @ Videotage HK


Cheapdoy 特賣場

Zine festival @ Open Printshop, JCCAC

Sailing Through Ha Bik Chuen's Archive @ Spring Workshop HK