No punk at cafe


Then where he go?


Featured in Cellophane Mother Memory

Curated by Underground Flower & prsntprsnt

"...They say the most often published words in the English language are cellophane, mother, memory. 玻璃紙母親的記憶: it's better this way. When you leave a building once in 3 months, the outside world is cinema, hyperreal. Spilled out from a sickly womb, our collective dreams and furtive motions made from pop jingles and factory effluent: endlessly morphing, beautiful in the screenglare. You have everything you need, and you move it around, and sometimes when you move it around it becomes something new. The best window to keep it fresh is the 3x5 inches of the phone, scroll & flick. Global news, insensible. Niche art feeds are a weird home. The first time I posted a pic of an image I admired and printed, the artist threatened me with legal action. I was astonished, until I reasoned: I paid for the prints with a blowjob, but one i'd have probably given away for free anyway. The artist had her labour units to think about too.

Every day I become more convinced of how connected we all are."

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